This week we have a completely green mystery box released to FarmVille and I’m sure you’re curious to find out what eco items will you find inside. For the hardcore nature lovers, Zynga didn’t really go eco, but we still have some nice items to be found in the newly released Green Mystery Box of FarmVille. Here’s what you can find inside it:

Leap Frog Well + 350 XP
Pepper Frog + 200 XP
Froggy Pond + 300 XP
Lilly Pad Bridge + 300 XP
Dream Patio + 500 XP
Jade Victorian + 400 XP

So now it’s clear why the green mystery box. As always, this new item is only available for purchase for 7 days and it costs 16 FV cash.

What did you find inside your mystery box?