Today when I logged in to play FarmVille I had a really pleasant surprise: Zynga finally announced the upcoming release of the Crafting Cottages in FarmVille, further enhancing the game and turning it, if you can believe it’s possible, into an even more fascinating product. If you want to learn everything about the Crafting Cottages in FarmVille, read on – this way you’ll be ready for the goodies that are coming!

What are the Crafting Cottages in FarmVille?

These are new special buildings players have to choose from in order to create specialized crafting goods. It appears that each player can only choose one of the three available cottages, so think well before making your choice.

How to use Crafting Cottages in FarmVille?

You can Sign Up (by clicking the button) for the Crafting Cottage of your choice (Bakery, Winery or Spa). You will be able to use the Bushels produced in the Farmer’s Market feature – produced by yourself or your friends – and create special goods that will boost your farmer. The exact effects of the boosts are unknown at the moment and the “cooking” time is also unknown, but we’ll update this article as soon as we have details (or you can help us out by posting in the comment section below)

After you choose your favorite crafting cottage, you will receive a reward from Zynga, a gnome specific to the cottage you have chosen. If you want to find out even more about the specific Crafting Cottages, including details on the recipes and what’s needed to create the goods, click the links below to read the articles dedicated to each type of crafting cottage! And, of course, don’t forget to share with us your opinions on this new FarmVille feature!