After giving you a short, general guide on the FarmVille Crafting Cottages, it’s time as promised to focus on each building. We’ll begin with the Bakery Crafting Cottage in FarmVille, discussing all the details and finding out what kind of boosts can you produce in this building.

What is the FarmVille Bakery Cottage?

A new building that uses fruit and vegetable bushels to make pies and cakes that will offer boosts on your farm.

Here are the first four recipes you can cook in the FarmVille Bakery:

Pumpkin Bread (Pumpkin and Wheat Bushels needed)
Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry and Wheat Bushels needed)
Spicy Muffins (Carrots, Peppers, and Ghost Chili Bushels needed)
Pattypan Tart – (Pattypan Squash, Onion, and Rice Bushels needed)

In order to sign up for the Bakery, you have to click the “Learn More” button beneath the Bakery Cottage in the pop-up, then simply click the Sign Up button. Please, be warned that you can only choose for now one single Crafting Cottage, so make sure you check out the others before signing up for the Bakery.

If you sign up for the Bakery in FarmVille, you will receive as a reward a nice Chef Gnome.

Did you sign up for the Bakery or another Cottage?

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  1. PLease tell me how to sign up because I have missed the chance when the first time this sign up option appeared on the screen. I have been trying to find the sign up option everywhere on farmville page and zynga website from the past two days, but no luck.

  2. PLease tell me how to sign up because I have missed the chance when the first time this sign up option appeared on the screen.

  3. Right now it appears that’s impossible to get a new cottage if you missed it in the first time, but don’t worry, I’m sure Zynga will sort things out very soon!

  4. my farmville friend shows under buidings, crafting – bakery winery in the “market” not accessible until level 25 is reached; i am level 37 and received a chef gnome but under buildings – crafting – there is only a market stall – what gives.

  5. I signed up for the Bakery Crafting immediately on first notice. Why have I not received anything at all to start my bakery?

  6. i signed up the first time but i dont seem to have a bakery cottage in farmville and under crafting there’s just the market stall!

  7. Hi I currently have a bakery. When I sell goods to my friends my account balance remains the same. Why is this. And what is the point in buying goods from my neighbours. Please help.

    • You buy goods from your neighbours so you have the ingredients for your bakery, you can also trade the goods for fuel. I always buy the highest level goods from my neighbours to trade for maximum fuel – I currently have over 150 drums of fuel doing it this way. You can neighbour me if you want, name Rockmand

  8. I play FarmVille on my iphone. While I have purchased and laced a bakery and have adequate bushels to make recipes I can’t figure out how to start baking- any ideas


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