The second crafting cottage we’re going to discuss in detail in Unigamesity’s extended Crafting Cottage tutorial series is the FarmVille Winery, the best looking building in my opinion and the one I’ve signed up for. In this article I’ll post a guide on the FarmVille Winery with all the details about it and the boosts you can produce.

What is the FarmVille Winery?

It is a new building that uses fruit and grain bushels to make wine and juices that will offer boosts on your farm.

Here are the first four goods you can craft in the Winery:

Sweet Sake (Rice and Cranberries Bushels needed)
White Sangria (White Grapes, Sugar Cane, and Strawberries Bushels needed)
Table Wine (Grapes and White Grapes Bushels needed)
Fruit Wine (Raspberries, Blueberries, and Sugar Cane Bushels needed)

In order to sign up for the FarmVille Winery, you have to click the “Learn More” button beneath the Winery Cottage in the pop-up, then simply click the Sign Up button. Please, be warned that you can only choose for now one single Crafting Cottage, so make sure you check out the others before signing up for the Winery.

If you decide to go for this building, as a reward you will receive a Bacchus Gnome.

Did you sign up for the Winery or another Cottage?

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  1. I have the spa…no gnome…and no directions. I have alot of these bushels already in my market. How do you transfer them to the spa??? Do I have to plant them again and then how do they know if I want to use them in the spa or sell them in the market. This has to be the most confusing thing I’ve seen yet….can you help please in layman terms….

  2. A friend of mine said they aren’t releasing all the crafting cottages at once. They are afraid of over-loading the server. I requesting the winery, and have my gnome, but no cottage yet. I am patiently, or impatiently waiting for it.

  3. i am ready to upgrade my winery but nothing happens when i click the button. are there more requirements? how many coins are required for the upgrade?


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