The third Crafting Cottage we can sign up for in FarmVille is the Spa Crafting Cottage, a futuristic looking FarmVille building that would’ve been my second choice if I would’ve been allowed to select more than one building. Either way, in this article I will post a guide on the FarmVille Spa Cottage with all the details about it and the boosts it provides, so read on if you’re interested and don’t forget to share with your friends!

What is the Spa Crafting Cottage?

It is a new FarmVille building/feature that uses flowers and fruit bushels to make perfume and candles hat will offer boosts on your farm.

Here are the first four goods you can create in your Spa Crafting Cottage:
Fresh Sachet (Pumpkins, Cranberries, and Sunflowers Bushels needed)
Floral Perfume (Raspberries and Morning Glory Bushels needed)
Soothing Herbal Lotion (Aloe Vera and Green Tea Bushels Needed)
Relaxation Oil (Blueberries and Morning Glory Bushels needed)

In order to sign up for the FarmVille Spa Cottage, you have to click the “Learn More” button beneath the Spa Cottage in the pop-up, then simply click the Sign Up button. Please, be warned that you can only choose for now one single Crafting Cottage, so make sure you check out the others before signing up for the Spa.

If you decide to go for this building, as a reward you will receive a Spa Gnome.

Did you sign up for the Spa or another Crafting Cottage?