A big new feature has just gone live in FarmVille: the Greenhouse and I must admit that it’s been a while since FarmVille received such an amazing building/update! So with the greenhouse here and so many things to know about it, I am here to share with you a complete guide for the FarmVille greenhouse. Let’s check it out below!

What is the FarmVille Greenhouse?

An amazing new building that allows us to create our very own hybrid crops by mixing together two different existing crops! I will also write a complete guide for the greenhouse crops, but let’s complete this guide first!

First of all, in order to have your Greenhouse active, you must place the frame anywhere on the farm (frame is offered for free). There are three building stages of the Greenhouse in FarmVille and each building stage, once completed, allows you to create even more hybrid crops. For each stage you will receive three building materials (nails, bricks and wooden boards) in different amounts: 4 of each for the first stage, 15 for the second and 20 for the third.

Once the FarmVille Greenhouse is fully built, you will have 8 trays to “experiment” with the crop mixing and creation of hybrid crops: by experimenting (which actually means mixing the crops and getting the hybrid) you will unlock even more trays, so the fun only begins here!

How to use the FarmVille Greenhouse?

First of all, you need to enter the greenhouse and see an image like the one below:

Next, you will have to choose from the three pages of crop seeds two seeds to experiment and combine in the tray (by clicking the place seed button). If they can’t be combined, you will get an error message; if they can be combined, you will have to wait three days for the process to complete. However, you can hurry things up by asking neighbors to help: each neighbor cuts one day from the waiting time, so with the help of three neighbors you won’t have to wait at all!

Once you complete the hybrid crop in your greenhouse, you will 50 seeds of the hybrid crop available in the marketplace. Having in mind that all the hybrid crops come with mastery, you can imagine that you need to do a lot of research and combine many seeds in order to become a true farming master! But I can say that it’s definitely fun and worth doing!

Do you agree that the FarmVille Greenhouse is one of the greatest new additions to the game?