100 Rooms Level 24 walkthrough! Things seem to have gone wrong in this level and it’s all upside down. But this is how it should be for this zany level 24 in 100 Rooms, a room for which I fortunately have the solution and I am going to share it with you here and hopefully help you get past this room if you got stuck.

So check out the 100 Rooms Level 24 walkthrough below!

Go left and click the wine bottles (on the right). Pick the top left bottle.

Go back and click the cupboard to the left. Open the door to the right and tap inside to get a bottle opener. Use it with the bottle to get a code: 176298.

Go to the door and use the code. But it doesn’t work! Why? Because it’s all upside down, so the code is reversed too. So the real code is 892671. Use it to exit room 24 and wait for the new update with even more doors.

And this is it! The 100 Rooms Level 24 walkthough is here. Check back soon for updates with solutions for the upcoming levels when they’re released, or check out the previous walkthrough if you need help. You can now also check out the 100 Rooms Level 25 walkthrough.