I have recently brought to your attention an amazing zombie game on Facebook: Zombie Lane and now I’ve decided it’s time to share with you some tips and tricks in this generic strategy guide for Zombie Lane. So if you want to play the game like a pro and, most important, survive the zombie apocalypse, read on!

If you have played Zynga’s FrontierVille, you already know a lot about Zombie Lane since the game mechanics are very similar. Let’s see some tips and tricks to help you go forward:

1. Protect your crops! Energy is very important in the game and also quite hard to obtain and you will probably plant some crops to harvest yourself to get some extra energy. However, have in mind that zombies destroy crops, so make sure that you have fences around your house or at least around the crops. You can either purchase new fences from the market if old ones are completely destroyed or repair existing ones by clicking on them.

2. Focus on completing goals – they give you big rewards like energy refills, food, lots of experience and they also unlock different features in the game. There is also a list of major goals listed above the play screen and you should focus on completing those first.

3. Make sure you use the correct weapons when attacking zombies! As you probably know already, zombies have different health: 1, 2 or 4 and weapons deal different amounts of damage. So, since energy is such an important resource in Zombie Lane, you should not waste it using low damage weapons on bigger, stronger zombies. Also remember that Riot Zombies require special items to be destroyed with (fire gloves which can be crafted inside the house).

4. Don’t hurry to trade in the collections, especially early in the game, because you need collection items to craft weapons!

5. Check out the items that you need for crafting and completing goals, and focus on killing the zombies that drop them (starting early on with a focus on Salesman zombies would be a good idea!)

6. Start clearing out the rubble early on: there’s a lot of debris in the game and you’ll need what it drops, so every time you have some energy to spare, make sure you also clean up some rubble.

7. Don’t focus all your energy on farming. Make sure you have several crops planted, but it’s wiser to have neighbors harvest them for you so that you gain free food to trade for extra energy.

8. Therefore, neighbors are of extreme importance in Zombie Lane. They can help you with goals, free energy and also help you around your house with all sorts of tasks, including killing zombies. Make sure you have at least several active ones as friends!

9. Don’t forget that you can hire neighbors to kill zombies for you. The price is really high – 200 coins, so make sure you make it count!

10. Sit back, relax and enjoy the game. As it happens with every social game out there, Zombie Lane can’t be mastered in a couple of days. Just make sure you play regularly and enjoy the game.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to add to this short Zombie Lane Strategy Guide?