Like many of the people in this world, I am a huge fan of everything that’s related to zombies and you can imagine that I was thrilled when I’ve found out that Digital Chocolate decided to give city building a break (they’re the developers of the popular Millionaire City) and give zombies a try in Zombie Lane: a social game that puts you in the shoes of one of the few survivors living in a zombie-infested world.

If this sounds too gory for you, let me clear some things up from the start: Zombie Lane is by no means violent (well… you actually smack the zombies with shovels, but they DESERVE it!) and there’s no blood nor scare factor in the game. Just fun and funny gameplay you will love.

The first comparison that comes to mind is that Zombie Lane is FrontierVille with zombies: the mechanics are similar and the structure of the game also seems to have been inspired from Zynga’s title: you have to clean debris around your house, grow trees and crops and rebuild your home, find your spouse and whack zombies. All while following a simple quest system that doesn’t really tell a story like the missions in FrontierVille, but manages to get you more involved with what’s happening there.

And humor is a big part of Zombie Lane: starting from the overall visual appearance of the game, to the non playable character Bob – a policeman that’s afraid of and doesn’t know how to use a gun, Digital Chocolate’s title makes me remember the funny zombie film Shaun of the Dead: it has zombies and humor in a harmless way!

Add to that the fact that you actually have multiple weapons to use against the zombies (form the “regular” shovel to the complex fire gloves), different zombie types (some are more powerful than others), as well as everything you would like as a topping to make things more delicious (I’m talking about achievements, collections or neighbors here), and you’ll get a pretty solid game from Zombie Lane.

It’s far from being perfect and it’s a bit more difficult that FrontierVille, but if you need a challenge and you really love zombies (even funny ones like those in this game), you will certainly love Zombie Lane. It’s an AAA title!

So head over here and give Zombie Lane a try yourself!