One of the longest running series of flash shooter games is the Hitstick series and you all know why already: because it simply sticks to your head and you need to play the series over and over again. We’ve got top quality, super visuals and an amazing concept overall, plus improvements that come to each game of the series. Therefore, the sixth title from GamesFree, Hitstick 6, is bigger and better than all the previous games in the series and a must play for all of you!

This game has all the great features of our Hitstick series such as stealth kills and anonymous disguises but improved to a level of realism. You will have more weapons to choose from, customization possibilities and a free environment to explore. You will also be able to wear any disguise, from civilians to enemies.

Take out your indentified targets in any way you like, maintain your health and tension bars and try to get top notoriety. Be the assassin, in this fun and addicting shooter game that will certainly get you hooked! Head over to GamesFree and play Hitstick 6!