A new catering order has gone live in Cafe World and it’s called OK Karaoke. So grab your mic and your best chefs for a really cool catering event. As always, we have all the details about it below, so let’s waste no more time and check out the requirements for completing the OK Karaoke catering event in Cafe World!

– Cook Sushi Spread 160 times
– Cook Atomic Buffalo Wings 150 times
– Cook Ice Cream Sundae 175 times
– Collect 9 CDs
– Collect 6 Song Lists
– Collect 6 Microphones

You can ask your friends for the three types of items that you need to collect and you should also use the help of some of your friends to complete the OK Karaoke catering event to grab the biggest reward: if you finish the job in less than 5 days, you will be rewarded with 12 cater points, 6,300 cafe points, 150,000 coins and a Karaoke Machine. If you fail, you can always restart the mission.