Ever since the English Countryside has been released in FarmVille, some players were upset because of the Pause feature that basically froze the inactive farm. Zynga has been working to offer those who want two active farms at the same time a solution and fortunately today it went live and I can share with you the guide on how to turn off the pause feature in FarmVille!

Now, every time you travel between to your other farm, you’ll get a pop-up window asking you to confirm the travel request. On the pop-up, above the main buttons (Travel Now and Cancel), you will see a small link: Travel Options. Clicking it will allow you to select the pause mode: turn it on or turn it off, as you please!

Also, the change that you have made will be visible on the pop-up where a play icon will replace the pause one on your active farm. However, have in mind that while both farms are active, crops will wither on both farms, no matter on what farm you’re playing!

So tell us how will you play FarmVille now: with the pause on or off?