The May Issue of Edge Magazine delivers a bunch of new details about the upcoming Max Payne game, Max Payne 3. The folks over at SegmentNext have created a list of all the new details and I’m sharing it with you below. Here are the new details we have about Max Payne 3:

– Vancouver, London, Toronto, and New England Rockstar studios are all cooperating on this title.
– The game starts 8 years after the events of Max Payne 2.
– Max has left the NYPD behind him and is now a private security contractor in Sau Paulo.
– Max Payne 3 continues the same plot, so you will encounter familiar faces.
– You will be working for other people as private contractor, most of the times protecting other people.
– Early mission sequences connect all the dots; how max left NYPD and the events that lead him to become a raging alcoholic and bald.
– Unlike the classic Max Payne games, there will be action footage animations rendered by game engine.
– James G. McCaffrey is the voice of the Max Payne in Max Payne 3.
– The game will feature a cover system that lets you pop out and shoot from the cover.
– Weapon management will be through wheel based selection similar to Red Dead Redemption.
– Max will be able to carry three weapons at a time.
– Max can now dual wield two similar weapons.
– No automatic health regeneration, you will have to replenish your health by feeding on health generation pills of some sort or every reliable medic kit.
– Bullet-time sequences will sometimes be automatically triggered at key moments during missions.



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