One of the most important and amazing parts in Crysis 2 is, of course, related to the arsenal that Crytek has offered us: I am sure you are curious to know all the weapons that you can enjoy in Crysis 2 and therefore I have created just for you a complete list of the weapons in the game, so check it below and let us know in the comment section which is your favorite weapon in Crysis 2!

Melee Weapons:

1. Fists – not the weapon you want to use during the game! :)
2. Knife – used just for stealth kills.

Sidearm weapons:

1. Hammer – despite its name, it’s actually a pistol, semi automatic.
2. M12 Nova – a weapon with a large magazine
3. Majestic Pistol – make your victims feel like royalty

“Real” weapons:

1. DSG-1 – semi-automatic weapon
2. Feline – based on a real life assault rifle, you’ll probably use the Feline a lot in Crysis 2.
3. Grendel
4. Jackal – a semi-automatic shotgun ideal for crowded areas
5. K-Volt – SMG, baby!
6. Marshall – basically the Shotgun from the original Crysis
7. Mk60 – Machine Gun, destroys everything in sight.
8. Mounted Machine Gun – If you played Crysis Warhead, you know it already.
9. SCAR – The Superior Combat Assault Rifle and your standard weapon in Crysis 2
10. L-TAG – an explosve Grenade Launcher
11. JAW Rocket Launcher – one powerful blow is sometimes everything you need.

We also have some other weapons in Crysis 2 like:

1. C4
2. Frag Grenades
3. Smoke Grenades
4. The X-43 Microwave Induced Klystron Emitter

Now let us know – which is your favorite weapon in Crysis 2?



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