l4d2-demo-playinfectedThe Left 4 Dead 2 demo is out and amazing, but one little problem remains: the fact that you can’t play as an infected and spread your disease… or can you? With the use of a plugin created by a L4D2 modder, you can play as an Infected in the L4D2 demo and it works with Single Player, Dedicated Servers and Local Servers.

In order to play as an infected, you’ll first have to download the plugin from the l4dmods website, then follow the instructions below:

1. Extract the ZIP to \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2 demo\left4dead2
2. Start up Left 4 Dead 2 Demo
3. Get a game going in Single Player or Online.
4. Type the following into console:
plugin_cvar sb_all_bot_team 1
plugin_allow_remote_commands 1
5. To become Infected, type the following into console:
set_infected 1
6. To change back to survivor, type the following:
set_infected 0
7. You can force a client in your server to be infected/survivor by using:
<0 = make survivor, 1 = make infected>
8. Don’t want your clients to be able to make themselves infected and manually spawn? Then use the following command:
plugin_allow_remote_commands 0
9. If you want your clients to spawn themselves by using infected_spawn, and to disable auto-respawning, use this command:
plugin_infected_autorespawn 0

And now, the hands in the image you can check out in the upper left corner will be yours! Have fun!