dragonageI was congratulating BioWare yesterday for the release of Dragon Age: Origins who only had some minor launch problems with very few users reporting that the game freezes and fortunately there is a way to fix the DA:O freezings. However, it appears that I hurried to say that it was a trouble-free launch, since it appears that many users are having problems with the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

We’re talking about the promised release-date DLC containing a new quest, a new character and new owner. The Dragon Age: Origins downloadable content is really tough to get, since gamers need accounts on both Electronic Arts’ website and BioWare’s social site.

As if the trouble of creating two accounts was not enough, many users are reporting on various discussion forums that they’re having trouble downloading the Dragon Age: Origins DLC using the download codes or even have trouble logging in!

For now, it’s not very clear what causes these DLC related problems, but BioWare didn’t post an official answer yet. Probably they’re looking into the problem themselves. However, until the official word, the Dragon Age boards might have the answer for your DLC problems, thanks to user HemisH. He posted a really cool (and unofficial) DLC troubleshooting that already helped lots of people solve their problems.

Hemish’s message is too long to be reproduced here, but you can check it out by following this link. I hope that will help you solve all the problems!