modern-warfare2-launcheventsEven though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 becomes less and less of a dream come true for PC gamers, Activision’s first person shooter game will still be one of the biggest releases of the year (if not THE biggest release) and therefore a bunch of major retailers across the United States are preparing for major Mass Effect 2 midnight launch events.

So… how big will the release of the game be?

Well… Gamestop promises to have about 4,200 stores open at midnight (12.01 AM this Tuesday, November 10th), hosting the launch event and you can check out their list of stores to be open here (in PDF format), in case you want to take part.

On the other hand, Best Buy plans to host the Modern Warfare midnight launch events in “only” 500 stores and you can see their huge list of stores here.

As they say, to make things clear: “And just so there’s no confusion, you’ll want to show up on Monday night, November 9, and wait for the clock to strike 12 midnight — Tuesday, November 10.”

What will you do? Will you go to one of these stores and get your Modern Warfare 2 copy at midnight?