It has been another week filled with great news for gamers all ages, and you’ll see that in our weekly round-up feature here: from better Xbox 360 consoles to new hot game and even the best gaming platform, we have all the great news and invite you to take a look, just in case you missed something you shouldn’t have missed. And don’t forget to check back on Monday, since a fresh new week will start and we’re preparing some steamy reviews for you!

But until then, we should begin our weekly recap with one of the most important news of the week: initially started as a rumor, the better and safer Xbox 360 console codenamed Jasper was eventually confirmed by Microsoft, to the delight of the millions of fans all over the world.

PC owners, on the other hand, were not so happy since a highly anticipated game release, that of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC was plagued by bugs, crashes, freezes and so on. We’re trying to find out how to fix the GTA IV problems on PC – but until now things don’t look that great…

For Activision, however, things are going from great to even better, since they have announced new “cow milking” projects: next year we’ll see games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero 5 and new Tony Hawk and Bond titles. Hopefully, there will be some brand new IPs on the way, or Activision will slowly turn into what EA used to be back in the day – a “sequel company”.

There were other important announcements this week, like Harmonix’ announcement of a new instrument for Rock Band or the introduction of the new 400GB Blu-ray Disc for PlayStation 3 consoles. Also, we’re eagerly anticipating for the rumor regarding the development of a Lego Harry Potter to be turned into an official announcement as well.

And, after all these news, you should definitely go and find out which is the best gaming platform, according to our beloved Unigamesity visitors!