Nintendo seems to believe that sometimes we might want to do something else than playing games and they decided to come up with a hard to refuse offer: they’re going to bring literary classics to the DS handhelds and all we have to do is enjoy them. Of course, if we’re ready to pay the £20 ($35) price for it.

Having in mind that people will have access to 100 classic book with this collection, from Shakespeare and Dickens to Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters, I believe we can say that the price is actually low. However, for now the 100 Classic Book Collection will be released by HarperCollins only in the UK. But if things go well, we’ll most likely see it released all over the world, reports say.

And I see no reason not to go well: thanks to the touchscreen of Nintendo’s handheld, readers will be able to simulate turning pages by brushing a finger across the screen. Also, having in mind that the DS is much cheaper than its direct competitors when it comes to book reading, like the Sony Reader, and it can also be used for playing all sorts of games, it seems that Nintendo are about to hit the jackpot once again.