If you still remember, aeons ago Sony’s PlayStation managed to win a war against Microsoft Xbox 360 with the Blu-ray winning over the HD DVD format. Back then, the 50GB of space offered by a Blu-ray disk seemed like heaven on earth but things have now changed: Pioneer has just introduced the 400GB Blu-ray disc! Amazing!

Even more unbelievable, the 16-layered monster is compatible with disc readers already on the market! Of course, we’ll have to wait a little bit before we’ll be able to play with such incredible toys: the company estimates that mass production of the disc in read-only format will start sometime until 2010, with rewritable versions hitting store shelves sometime between 2010 and 2012. But it’ll be a bit too late already, since the company plans a 1TB disc for 2013. I wonder if we’ll be still playing PlayStation 3 consoles by then and also if Microsoft will finally accept and introduce Blu-ray support for the Xbox 360 consoles. From what I can see, this is the future.

Now if you want to read the full technical details of the upcoming PS3 Blu-ray discs, head over to Digitimes and check their article.


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