minecraft-1-3-updateMinecraft worlds will be transferrable across the generation gaps, it has been announced.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter today that saves made on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition would be made available to transfer onto the Xbox One Edition when that gets released.

Spencer tweeted: “After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft X360 Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition…more news soon!”

This confirmation comes after yesterday saw the confirmation of the system on PlayStation consoles. On the PlayStation Blog, Mojang’s Owen Hill stated when answering fans questions regarding the crossover of saves from PS3 to PS4 said: “The plan is to enable users to transfer from PS3 to PS4.”

“We’re still working out how it’ll work with the Vita version.”

The physical edition of Minecraft is coming to PS3 on the 14th May. The PS4 and PS Vita editions of Minecraft are currently scheduled for some time during Q2 and Q3, meaning anytime between now and September. It is not known how far away the Xbox One version of the game is.

Hill also mentioned a possible discount for people cross buying across different platforms, but details would be divulged closer to release on other consoles.

“We’ll have more news on cross-buy/upgrade options soon! I understand that the wait is frustrating, but we don’t want to make false promises.”

This is great news for everyone enjoying Minecraft of consoles who don’t want to have to start their worlds from scratch if they decide to swap to a next-gen console. What are your thoughts on this?