Only a few weeks left before 2019 replaces 2018 and it’s high time we revise what technological advances and changes are in the online gambling trends. In the past years this industry has been booming and as Ben Jones declares for Gambling Insider: 11% of all the internet traffic equals in online gamblers.

This shift from traditional methods is made possible by the massive technological growth. It may seem common sense, but the more technology improves, the better the online (gambling) experience gets.

This industry has become more accessible for everyone as long as they have connectivity and any sort of device from phones or tablets to desktops. From the comfort of your home you can easily play blackjack card game online or anything you’d like either for fun or professionally.

Growth of smartphones

A main trend is the rise of mobile gambling. Nowadays everyone uses a mobile and this also changes the online gambling landscape. Games are developed in order to have a mobile friendly interface and are preferred by users because it’s more convenient and comfortable.

This also allows for the games or bets to develop faster. You don’t have to go home in order to play or place a bet, you can just do it on the bus and receive results instantly. Therefore, this affects the user’s behavior and their playing habits as the easy access to mobile and online gambling can make users play more.

We can be observe a lot of improvements to support this new gambling system: great internet connectivity, easy access to mobile apps, associations and authorities that regulate the system and provide a better overall experience, secure payments through solid banking systems. Besides these basic factors that help with the growth of online gambling platforms, developers are trying to recreate the complex casino entertainment.

Entertainment – realistic and exciting experiences

And you can see a lot of trends developing in this direction of recreating a real thrill and a more intense experience. VR technologies are a big trend recently and are growing to be more popular in the industry.

VR devices are used more and more by operators and they sure can provide better insights and a lot of fun. Live games are also important and they were developed during this past year. The demand of live games with live dealers has increased in 2018 both in entertainment or professional gambling.

Developers are planning to create even more realistic games and surely the use of VR technologies will increase as well as opening studios to broadcast live games.

Alternative games and bonus content

Games can be extremely varied from the classics to themed and character based – you can find anything you ache for. Moreover, a new style in the online gambling sphere is represented by skill games. This is because some users like to use their skills and knowledge while playing and not just rely on luck.

Therefore, some providers powered these kind of strategy games and they recently became more popular. On the same note, games are developing to be more complex and with new bonuses, new types of competition and other fresh attractions for players. Also, a lot of themed slots have a very detailed plot in the intro because games can really tell a story.

You can also find a lot of soundtracks from eerie themed sounds to different genres: for all rock, country or pop fans. This adds excitement to the whole gaming experience as you can listen to all time hits or popular soundtracks from films or TV shows.

Above all, entertainment is a vital element of the industry. Online casinos are also tending to add special content that’s not related to gambling, but to entertainment in general, including film, TV, music videos in order to generalize the process. Games are about the thrill and you won’t miss it by playing online.

Increased safety against fraud

The developers are more able now to target their audiences and deliver what they want. Also, another aspect that facilitates is the attention that’s given to the improvement of safer and secure online gambling.

Technology developments and the use of new techniques are more sophisticated now and are able to fight against any kind of fraud, including stolen credit cards, stolen identities, money laundering, e-mail spam, cheating, stolen accounts, abusive use of online private data. Casinos are using encrypted connections especially with sensitive and private information. This has increased recently with even more secure technologies and makes online gambling definitely a safer space than it was a long time ago.

Trending is to improve the security system so you don’t have to ever worry.

Thanks to technology advances, safer casino payments processing and growing markets, this industry continues to develop and more players are joining and remain thrilled by the experience. The future holds exciting times for the industry all over the world. Online gambling in New Zealand is also emerging in an amazingly stimulant market and is very up-to-date with the latest trends.

The key factor is a large variety of trends and games and the beauty is every market can adapt to its specific needs in order to be profitable and to attract audiences. The mass interest for online gambling can turn the industry into a main form of entertainment.

And the online gambling scene is dynamic, striving to develop new trends and make use of latest technologies. All in all, the increased shift to mobile and raising responsible gambling awareness are vital attitudes that will power the development of the industry.