The fun of gambling has always been around, whether it be friends getting together around a table, or enjoying the bustling action of a casino. Lately, though, the enjoyment of betting money has made headway with smartphones.

Instead of having to make your way to a physical building, now you can take the casino with you everywhere. You can play your favorite casino games at any time. For some people, having the option to play on your phone is more appealing than playing at a physical casino.

Slots tend to be some of the most popular games, and the majority of the casinos out there either offer mobile slots with real money or will be in the future. Since you’ll be using your actual money to play these games, do you want to pick just any random mobile casino? Likely not.

Here is a checklist to help you pick the best mobile casino to play on.

Casino’s Reputation
Reputations mean everything when it comes to the online gambling world. Why? Because it only takes a couple of bad reviews for their reputation to be that they scam you of your money, the app continually crashes, or their selection is minimal.

Not only that, their reputation should comply with your local rules and regulations about gambling and online casinos. If t doesn’t, you could get yourself into some hot water and end up losing a lot of money.

Go through the reviews and see what other people say about the mobile casino first. Take a look through the companies website, and they should have their licenses visibly posted

Device Compatibility
Of course, you want your mobile casino to work with the device you’ll be using it the most on. Otherwise, what’s the point of downloading it if you can’t play?

See if they have a list of what devices the mobile casino is compatible on, and if you have any questions, they should have a customer support line you can contact.

Good Customer Support
Since we mentioned customer support, that is another point on our checklist. Customer support is critical for not just mobile casinos, but for any business that functions online. Because you can’t go into a physical building and speak to the manager face-to-face, you should at least have options for a phone number or a live chat. An excellent mobile casino will have different options for customer support in case you have any questions and have something available 24/7.

Optional Payment Methods
Today, there is more than one way to send and receive money. Your mobile casino should be compatible with the major payment methods, are all of them. Check to see if they have listed all the ways you can deposit money and retrieve your winnings.

Promotions and Bonuses
Now, this point wouldn’t seem like such a big deal. However, for mobile casinos that offer various promotions and bonuses regularly, it says that they want you to come to their casino. It also shows how they treat their customers. So, if you found a mobile casino that offers you a welcome bonus and has a weekly special offer, you’ve likely found a good one.

As you browse through the many mobile casinos out there, use our checklist as a guide. Of course, the variety of games will be important. However, use the points above as an additional guideline to help you find the best mobile casino out there.