For those of you who are still enjoying the amazing eye-candy Race Driver: GRID, we have some great news: Codemasters have decided to launch a new downloadable content pack and give you the chance to drive an over $4 million worth of racing cars! Dubbed “8 Ball”, the new DLC is available for download starting today on both Xbox 360 (800 MS Points) and PS3 ($9.99).

The 8 Ball pack delivers eight superb high performance new cars to drive in the game’s ‘Race Day’ mode and online races. New featured cars include the McLaren F1 GTR, TVR Cerbera Speed 12, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Honda S2000, Nissan GT-R (S-G2008), VW Nardo, Pontiac Firebird Trans AM and the Volvo C30.

In addition to the cars, there are two new multiplayer events to compete in set on existing circuits from across Race Driver: GRID’s three continents and designed to test drivers to their very limit online. On Xbox 360, the pack will also feature four new Achievements worth 25 points each to earn from four new competitive challenges including Jack Of All Trades, Drift Master, Gas Guzzler and Clean Passing.