Although considered an Xbox 360 exclusive, it appears that Lionhead Studios would have nothing against porting to the PC their successful sequel to the original Fable RPG. And even a PC version of Fable II would make complete sense, the developers did not officially confirm this, so it’s still a rumor.

One fact that could be considered as proof that we’re only dealing with a hoax and nothing more is the fact that the reporting website who claims to have “inside sources”, the German website Gamona, says that the game will be released in mid-February 2009. Which is less than three months away and that’s exactly the reason I find it really hard to believe: no marketing campaign started and, no matter how successful a game is on a platform or another, big companies will always kick off marketing campaigns.

However, it’s worth noting that the original Fable got a PC version one year after its Xbox launch, so it would make sense to believe that a PC port of Fable II could come from Lionhead. After all, all the good games need a PC version!