It seems that not only Rock Band 2 gets new instruments, but Guitar Hero too. However, Activision’s game does not get an official peripheral, but since it’s a guitar based on legendary Kiss’ bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons axe guitar, it’s still way cool! Oh, and tough luck for Activision – it’s not a Guitar Hero exclusive, either. But that’s not what matters right now.

What matters is that the wireless AXE guitar controller is a three-quarter-sized replica of the original Gene Simmons AXE guitar and larger than the standard video game guitar controllers. Customized with a replicated paint finish of the original guitar, the Axe guitar controller features Gene Simmons autograph and his photo in make-up painted onto the body of the controller. In other words: is cool.

In Gene’s words: “My AXE controller is the closest thing you can have to being onstage in KISS. I created and designed the Gene Simmons AXE bass guitar and I can’t wait for the fans to experience it for themselves.”

Marketing gibberish or not, one thing is clear: the guitar looks incredibly hot and it would definitely offer rock star wannabes a better look overall. However, there’s a little problem: the price tag of the guitar is $79.99. But the Aly & AJ guitars aren’t much cheaper, either!