With Rock Band and Guitar Hero being so successful that some voices consider them the future of the music industry (and top acts, including Metallica seem to confirm it), it’s no surprise to see a growing list of accessories for these titles. This time, however, things are a bit different since we’re talking about accessories for an audience generally ignored by the developers: girls!

And, to be even more specific we’re talking about two new guitar models for Rock Band and Guitar Hero created by teen pop idols Aly & AJ, aimed especially at tweens starting the age of 8. It also appears that in a girl’s opinion rock is cute and sweet, since one of the guitars is heart-shaped with a purple zebra print, while the other features a heart and cross bone print with a pink and brown colored guitar. Led Zeppelin or the Scorpions would certainly be proud of that!

Joke aside, I must admit that the guitars do look pretty nice and I am sure girls all ages will really love them. However, there might be a little problem: the price of the peripherals, since each will cost $69.99 when they’ll be launched this October for Wii and PS2 consoles. A true rockstar’s lifestyle is pretty expensive!

Below you can watch the presentation video featuring Aly & AJ (spotted by videogamesblogger):