games-for-girlsGirls love to play computer games too – maybe just as much as us boys love to – but they might not become fans of zombie shooters and horror adventures. So if your girl loves to game and you don’t really know what kind of games to buy for her, you’re in the right spot since I am showing you two great collections of games for girls, a total of 28 titles any girl in the world would love to play.

Let’s start small with the 8 Great Games for Girls collection available on Amazon. It costs just $19.99 and comes with some really sweet and cute and girl-friendly titles:

The Enchanted Unicorn: an enchanted world in which you become a friend with an unicorn.
Horse Camp: Giddy-up! Grab the reins and gallop into a horse lover‘s paradise!
My Dream Job: Baby Sitter: It’s more fun than ever and it can’t get as messy as in real life!
Doggie Daycare: take care off all sorts of cute little dogs who need your help!
Animal Shelter: even more animals to take care of!
This collection also features Diamond Drop Deluxe and two other secret and very fun games. You can purchase the entire collection for just $19.99 here.

If eight games don’t seem to be enough for your girl, then a pack of 20 titles certainly will! The More Great Games for Girls is even more special than the first collection presented since it comes packed with 20 games for JUST $19.99. This means 1 dollar per game, a one-of-a-kind deal!

It features casual games for girls like Natalie Brooks and Treasure of Mystery Island, Zoo Keeper and Dog Academy and even romantic titles like My Boyfriend (don’t worry, all the games are safe for youngsters!). It’s an ultimate collection and a must own one if you want some games for girls in your house. You can buy it by clicking on this link.

Apart from these great titles, do you have any suggestions for games girls would love to play?