millenium-episode1Episodic point and click adventure games proved to be quite successful compared to full releases, and now casual game developers Aldorlea Games want to test is episodic RPGs can get as successful. They’re doing so with the release of Millenium: A New Hope, the first episode in the Millenium series.

The game puts you in charge of a group of friends – Marine, Jeanne and many more who live in the city of Myst, the one city that became a thriving kingdom. As you probably can guess, it’s your job to make that possible. Travel the countryside getting stronger and taking on the oppressive upper-class in this fast-paced adventure-RPG game, gather the strongest fighters you can and walk away victorious!

Playing Millenium: A New Hope will certainly bring in some sweet memories to those who played adventure-RPGs in the past, since it looks and feels a lot like some of the classics, like Legend of Zelda for example. Hopefully, it can all get a bit further that simply looking similar. And with 40 quests, 8 bosses, 4 guilds and many more extra features, Millennium: A New Hope might mark the start of a really nice saga.

You can download a demo of the game from Big Fish Games or purchase the full game for just $6.99. And yes, in case you’ve been wondering, Aldorlea Games is the developer of 3 Stars of Destiny, another really epic RPG.