I’m sure that at least one of the videos we’re presenting today in our Video Watch feature will make you extremely happy: I’m talking about the new Ghostbusters trailer, the first solid proof that the game still exists and Atari takes extremely good care of it. However, you should not ignore the other videos we’re offering today: Eternal Sonata for PS3 and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii. As always, visit the Unigamesity YouTube channel for even more game videos!

We’ll begin with the Ghostbusters: The Video game trailer that, I must admit, really impressed me and filled my soul with nostalgia (and I will probably go and rent the Ghostbusters movie DVDs later, so consider yourself warned before watching the trailer below). Even though it’s a video created entirely from cinematic footage (or at least so it appears to be), it’s impressive: not only the visuals are amazing, but the whole feeling the game brings is that of authenticity and coolness. I honestly enjoyed it and hope to be amazed by the gameplay videos, too since that matters a lot. Until then, I’ll quietly put Ghostbusters: The Videogame atop my “most anticipated” games, mainly because “When the city quakes in fear… When there’s no one to turn to… Who ya gonna call?” – watch the movie below for the only possible answer!

From ghost hunting we’ll go to something kind of similar – zombie chopping. The Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop gameplay trailer below proves that the upcoming Wii game will offer some really cool features and eye catchy stuff to do but, for some reason, I still consider the game to be a total fluke. I just have that feeling…

And if I talked about feelings before, I must present you the latest Eternal Sonata trailer from the PlayStation 3 version of the game. If you don’t know yet how this beauty of a game looks and feels like, take a peak below!