Beware of Fake Games Consoles This Holiday Season!

Beware of Fake Games Consoles This Holiday Season!

The holiday season begins and we are tempted to spend a bit more than usual on all sorts of games-related stuff – and fake consoles are a real threat to our budget and even our lives, having in mind their sub-par development standards. So, for a merry Christmas, if you want to buy a games console, take some extra time to check if it actually is what you’re paying for.

According to the HM Revenue & Customs hundreds of imported counterfeit games consoles seized at UK freight depots were found to have been supplied with potentially dangerous power adapters. The goods had been purchased from a range of websites, mainly based in Asia, which claimed the items were “genuine Nintendo products.” Many of the consoles, which are fake versions of the popular Nintendo DS and DS Lite had been bought for around £40, instead of the usual retail price of £100. So, instead of a bargain, you get a life-threatening worthless piece of plastic!

HMRC’s Head of Intellectual Property rights Pamela Rogers said: “UK consumers must be vigilant when purchasing goods online. Buy from a reputable or regulated site and, if purchasing from outside the UK or a new website, research the site – check all the facts before you buy.”

So take your time and be careful! Although made for playing games, you shouldn’t play with counterfeit and dangerous consoles!