Nowadays, many schools use technology in classrooms to improve and simplify the learning process and to involve more students in studying. New technologies have changed the process of learning for students and opened them a lot of new interesting opportunities to develop many skills. Compared to the traditional education process, the process of studying with an implementation of technology makes learning much more interesting and creative. When students don’t feel bored, they are ready to work with an excitement. That’s why it’s so important to remodel classrooms and use technologies for studying.

6 Advances of technology in the education

1. Thanks to the technology, learning models can be personalized.
Teachers know that different students study differently. Old methods of learning don’t count that fact people are different, and two students of the same age may need individual programs to study. It’s important to develop the studying program according to abilities for each student individually, and this is possible to do using technology. We know that some people can read, understand and remember a big amount of information in the short terms, while others need much more time for this. That’s why implementing technology is the best decision to solve this problem. For example, many US schools use DreamBox, it is an education software on math that can be adapted to each student’s level, so students can learn the program according to their individual characteristics.

2. Technology learns students to study on their own.

Old models in education were focused on providing students with certain skills to make them qualified and skilled employees. Nowadays, teachers are focused on teaching their students how to study on their own. The main goal of learning is to provide students with information and to teach them to think, to learn, and to evaluate a situation critically. It’s important for students to find all the needed skills on their own because, in this way, they can learn much more things compared to old-school methods of standard studying. In current years, distance learning is becoming very popular for many students. It helps them to develop many skills for their future career, saves their time and money for accommodation expenses on the campus, and gives them new opportunities for the developing.

3. Technology doesn’t destroy a role of the teacher in the classroom.
Many people can think if modern technology gives us so many cool benefits, then maybe students don’t need a teacher anymore? This is very wrong because the role of the teacher is still important. Technology gives us a great possibility for progress, but teachers are those people who connect students with the technology and explain them everything. A teacher in the past was a person that provided students with necessary skills. A teacher of modern days is not only just a teacher but also a coach, adviser and an encourager for students. It means the technology doesn’t destroy a role of the teacher but increases it.

4. Artificial intelligence is important for education.
Thanks to the artificial intelligence, the process of studying can be individual for each and every student. Many countries participate in research and design of special tutoring systems on the AI base. Such system is able to control the learning process of all students and provide personal tests and grades. Of course, the computer cannot replace the real teacher, but in some cases, it’s easier for both students and teacher to use an AI application for learning. This could be implemented mostly in distance learning programs.

5. Students take more responsibility.
Implementation of technology in learning requires forming classrooms from small groups of students of the same level. This helps them to work more effectively together. Students feel more independent, so they can take more responsibility. They learn how to solve problems and find right decisions in various situations. Needless to say, it improves motivation and encourages students to learn better and effectively.

6. Technology helps students to study.
Apart from all things we said above, modern technology can help students when they are overloaded with tasks. Sometimes students can get a pile of writing tasks, and what to do if they don’t have enough time to complete these assignments properly? Nowadays, it’s possible to find many online writing services that are ready to make a cheap custom essay in the shortest terms. Of course, we don’t want to tell this is a great solution for all students because the best way to study is to get your own experience in writing. But there are some exceptions when such help is necessary, for example, when a student has been ill for a long time or if writing isn’t your bright side.

It’s hard to value the importance of technology in the education. But it’s also important to find an optimal way to use it. Modern technology in school doesn’t mean that students have to stare at the screen 6 hours a day, but it centers around how teachers run, manage and structure their classrooms.