Using animation improves the perception of information. With animation, the page comes to life, attracts attention, and becomes more interesting. You can create Gif-file from images, video or even by capturing your own desktop. In today’s article, we will review how you can record the screen of your Mac as GIF animation. 

GIF is a popular image format, which is different in the fact, that pictures can be animated. It looks like a video, but without sound. This format of information representation is convenient in those cases when it is necessary to show a small volume on a dynamic image. If you make a video, then the file can be heavy, and the animated GIF image will weigh not that much.

At the same time, the quality is not lost. Most likely, in the situation, when you need to show precisely your actions, would be nothing better than a GIF file. Of course, you can create one from the video, but it is too long and difficult. It is much easier to capture direct your screen with the application called Gifox. 

Recording a computer screen, or as it is also called screencast, may be needed in a variety of situations. You can use it to show your mom or grandmother how to add a new contact to Skype, or even cut out a gif from the ridiculous video on YouTube straight from the screen. In general, the thing is useful and practical.

You can explain to someone for hours where to click in order to do certain actions, but you can do everything on your own computer and record all these actions as GIF animation, then send this file to the right people so that they see a brief video instruction and can repeat everything by themselves. At the moment there are many programs for recording video from the screen, as well as for creating animations, we will consider one of them. 

Gifox application is a portable tool for fast creation of the animated GIF format objects by the record of actions on the screen. This Gif maker for Mac works in the very simple way: it records the selected area of the screen and immediately converts everything that happens into the GIF-file.

Despite its simplicity, Gifox has many different settings. Of course, you will be able to specify the name of the future file and the location where you want to save it. If necessary, it is possible to limit the time of its duration in advance (and at the same time to add time counter in the bottom of the right corner). One more pleasant opportunity is the markers of the clicking mouse in order to make everything even more clear. 

In the end, it will be required to choose a way to save the animation (the process can be automated further). Just before the record, you can set individual personal settings that will help create a unique animation that completely satisfies your needs. Editing GIF-file is possible even after its creation, for example, add text, effect, delete unnecessary frames and many other things.

As a result, you receive a worthy GIF-file with a record of all that happened in the selected area of the screen. After the gif image is ready, you can share the record on social networks, Dropbox or on the websites, and also use in other applications. 

In general, Gifox is a great alternative to “heavy” video record tools that create files like avi or mp3. Animated objects take a little space and also they can be published on a website or forum. The program will become indispensable when it is necessary to show the order of actions during performing any process. 

As you can see, gif images can be not only ridiculous but also useful. It is the very convenient format of exchange which is much more preferable to small screencast, than video. Try it! Sometimes it can help you a lot!