Video games can sometimes be addictive and may result in some health problems like fatigue, migraines, and poor personal hygiene. However, it clearly has its advantages. Playing video games can be of help to your brain, improves coordination, opens one up to different things, improves problem-solving abilities, increases memory, aids concentration, and improves social skills. These advantages that result from playing video games is a pointer that choosing the best TV to play video games is very essential. This article seeks to bring to your knowledge the leading Smart TVs of 2018 which you can consider choosing from to play video games.

What Is A Smart TV?
With modern civilization and a rapid advancement in technological innovations, virtually every TV is in a way a Smart TV as it always comes with some form of smart features or the other. Providing the audience with a much clearer and better view is what most TV manufacturers work out.

The Smart TV has many exciting developments, taking viewing beyond the traditional functions to offer online interactive media, the ability to stream on-demand, OTT content, and home networking. The technological market is today filled with all sorts of Smart TVs that come with all sort of features, but we have done a research on those that can be regarded as the latest and the best Smart TVs for 2018.

Sony XBR-X850E / KD-XE85 Series

This TV, though very expensive is one of the topmost Smart TVs we have now. It comes with a strong 4K pictures and smart viewing features which is what is needed when seeking the best out of video games. This TV comes with a relatively large screen, built with HDR friendly color, contrast, and brightness performance which makes it a good recommendation for a gaming TV if you want to have the ultimate experience.

With a unique Android platform, it is no doubt one of the best sellers in the market, and setting an example for other manufacturers to follow. With storage of 16gb, and a TV side view application, you’re able to control your television with your tablet, and also use a voice search plugin. With a continuous development of its applications, Sony is just not the leading TV but one to watch out for even in years to come and a perfect option for lovers of video games who are ready to spend for the fun they get.

Its apps are also continuously updated for a more future-proof TV that will stand the test of time. You truly do not love video games if you don’t consider playing them on Sony Smart TVs. It is the best gaming TV ever!

Samsung MU7000 Series

Are you a lover of video games on a budget? Then Samsung Smart TVs are the best option for you. Samsung’s Smart TV is thereabout the best TV when it comes to brightness that is less costly which puts it ahead of other Smart TVs when it comes to HDR gaming. Most importantly because they deliver not just a quality viewing performance, but also produce one of the best dark lines when compared to other Smart TVs of its class. As a cost cutting-edge technological product, it is one of the globes best-selling technological brands of Smart TV.

The Samsung Smart TV comes with an impressive quality, intuitive menu and better recommendations that offers the user speedy access to not just movies, shows, and applications, but also gives the user access to latest video games. With this TV, you can have a breakdown of your daily activities and can also connect your smartphone to the TV. The most important feature of this TV is its integrated screen mirroring feature which allows its users to watch programs on other devices of theirs that have been connected to the TV.

Contents viewed from smartphones and other devices can likewise be sent to the Smart TV easily. As a sideline feature, its black colors help curb distractions while playing video games, and it’s convenient multitasking feature which allows users play video games in their favorite and most convenient way.

However, they don’t use local dimming which means it can’t get as deep with its black colors as TVs that always use local dimming, it also means you don’t see as many distracting clouding problems.

The cutting-edge options and impressive interactive abilities make Samsung Smart TV a good recommendation for you to play video games.

LG: OLED65G7P WebOS Smart TV

The OLED65G7P Smart TV unlike other Smart TV of its kind lacks the ultra-glamorous design, dexterity and inbuilt sound-bar that characterize a Smart TV up the list. It nonetheless delivers remarkably almost exactly the same high level of impressive picture quality like other smart TVs at a very affordable cost.

As a technological innovation of LG, this Smart TV comes with a lot of special features and options that gives users an impressive and satisfying view option, whilst still providing unlimited content, which is an extension of LG channel plus app. With this Smart TV, users can have unlimited access to web contents like Netflix and YouTube easily and promptly.

It’s user-friendly and easily accessible feature gives user particularly video game lovers everything they are looking for in a Smart TV. LG OLED65G7P is a globally recognized Smart TV that also offers on-demand services which is usually cost-free and effective. LG is no doubt one of the best Smart TV in the world at the moment and a good recommendation for playing video games.

With the above knowledge of what the best TVs are when it comes to playing video games, here are a few added tips to consider when buying gaming TVs:

– Consider the Bits and B.O.B.s. The higher the bits, the better the HDR experience.
– Consider color purity. The bigger the Chroma subsampling, the better the color performance.
– Consider the frame rate handling.

All these are sufficient enough to help you make the best of your video gaming by picking the best gaming TV.



  • Built-in game apps. Besides 4K resolution support, all models in our list are equipped with special modes which reduce the time of signal transmission from the device to the TV to milliseconds and improve the overall image quality (higher detail, color rendering).
  • Low input lag. Remember, the higher the response rate, the better. All models on our list boast low input lag. This is an extremely important option if you plan to use the TV to play video games.
  • HDR support. If you want to enjoy 4K gaming, the TV and console must support 4K resolution. But if among other things, the model also supports HDR, then the quality of “pictures” will definitely not disappoint you. This technology provides richer color reproduction and depth. However, such a device will cost a little more than the model without the HDR support.
  • Smart functionality. According to thehomedweller list, before buying, make sure that in addition to the gaming features, the device also offers other necessary functions. Especially, if you plan to use the TV to run your favorite apps or streaming services (like Netflix). Or maybe you plan to broadcast the image from your smartphone/tablet to the TV screen, using the possibilities of wireless connection.
  • Price. You don’t have to spend more than enough to get a great “picture” on the outcome. Given the cost of AAA games, today’s gaming is already costly. That’s why we tried to include the budget models which cost less than $500 into our list of the best 4K TV sets, which will not hit your pocket and will please you with image quality.