Is your love for video games affecting your studies? Do you find yourself using the help me do my homework phrase often? You are not alone. Most students are avid gamers. In fact, they spend most of their time gaming. But paying more attention to gaming could affect one’s grades. So you need to take the right step. However, you can succeed in both gaming and studies. It is a matter of proper planning and execution. Here is how you can make your dream grade a reality even as a gamer.

1. Overcome procrastination

Procrastination is one of the things to guide against if you want to succeed in gaming and studies. Procrastinators hardly achieve much because they postpone tasks and end up having too much to work on in a short time.

Start working on your assignments earlier, no matter how simple they are. Do not wait for the deadline to get close. Avoid assignment rush to prevent making any mistakes you could have prevented if you had started earlier.

– Ensure you have done your homework or read what you were recently taught before diverting your attention to gaming.
– Do not carry over tasks you can complete today to the next day. You might have more to deal with the next day.
– Even in school hours, use your free hours to work on your assignment.

2. Attend classes regularly

Do not trade your classes for anything. There are times where you might not have read much, and all you need to pass an exam is to remember the teacher’s explanation. Even though you can understand things faster, you still need those explanations from your teachers to make things simpler when you settle down to study. You might also get an idea of the area your teacher is likely to concentrate more on during exams when you attend classes regularly.

3. Get more out of classes

You need to get the most out of your classes. Do not attend just to fulfill all righteousness. Getting more, in this case, means; taking notes and paying more attention to your teachers. And ask questions whenever you encounter difficulties in a course.

– Pay more attention in class
– Ask relevant questions on areas you do not understand
– Take notes and jot down important points. And make sure your notes are always up to date

4. Join a reading group

Once you become an addicted gamer, it will take discipline to get you to spend more time on your studies. The best approach is to create or join a reading group. Be sure that all the group members are serious-minded students eager to succeed.

Being part of a reading group will motivate you to read and stay focus. You can join classmates that are not so into gaming to avoid getting distracted in the group.

5. Draft a reading timetable

A reading timetable will enable you to plan and make good use of time. But you must discipline yourself if you want things to work out. Plan your timetable even before lecture commence. But think carefully before concluding your drafting. It should be something you can achieve.

6. Start exams preparations early

Start reading even before classes commence. It will build your confidence and prepare you for impromptu tests. You can start with easy courses that are not so bulky then progress to more difficult ones. Even if you cannot cover everything, you have given yourself a great start to the semester.

7. Get homework help

To succeed in gaming and studies, you can seek homework help. There are professionals that help students with their homework. You can visit platforms like to find a suitable writer in your subject area.

Using professionals for your papers will enable you to create more time for your studies. And you can use the extra hours for other meaningful things.


Gaming and studies are time-consuming. And even the little time available needs to be shared between both tasks. Most students cannot do without gaming. It is one of the activities that consume most of their time. The best way to succeed in gaming and studies is to plan effectively. You also need to discipline yourself to accomplish tasks you have planned out.