Ubisoft Announces Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game

Ubisoft Announces Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game

greys-anatomy-video-game01One of the most popular TV series these days, Grey’s Anatomy will be turning into a videogame soon, after Ubisoft has signed a licensing agreement with ABC Studios. It appears that the game was a well kept secret, since the reported release set to “early 2009” suggests that Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game was in the works for quite a while.

Details about the game are pretty scarce at the moment, but we do know that all characters from the TV series will be present in the game and all doctors are playable characters. According to an official announcement from Christian Salomon, VP of worldwide licensing at Ubisoft, we’ll be getting a brand new storyline which will challenge players to make important personal and professional decisions, explore the direct relationships with each other, and perform the delicate surgeries the series is known for, all through fun and engaging game play.

So until further details about the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game release (designed for Wii, DS and PCs), all we can do is take a look at the first screenshots and hope it will be better than Lost