patapon_tattooIt was just a few moments ago when I said that gamers do all sorts of strange things to prove their loyalty and love to a specific game and now I have another proof to back my words up with: an Italian fan of the highly appreciated PSP exclusive Patapon has decided to take his love for the game to the next level and got himself a pretty neat (and long) tattoo. At least that’s a bit easier to hide than the Ms. Pacman tattoo…

The happy owner of the Patapon tattoo, Masatomo Ueda, spent €370 (about $500) to get the job done – and it was not at all an easy one: the drawing of the 16 characters lasted one hour, while the tattooing itself lasted another three. But neither time nor money seem to matter when it comes to love for video games, right?

Masatomo surely agrees: “Patapon is a game I love and will always do,” he says. Hopefully, he’s not also a fan of any visual novel…


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