ghostbustersI doubt that Atari, the new publishers of the upcoming Ghostbusters video game, are very happy to hear that Sony has revealed the release date of the highly anticipated title: June 16, 2009. But, since this little leak will not harm Atari or the game, I’m sure that the two companies will eventually kiss and make up, while everybody else celebrates.

The release date was revealed in an official Sony announcement of an upcoming release of the classic Ghostbusters movie on Blu-ray: “America’s favorite paranormal psychologists are back to save the world, this time with unsurpassed picture and audio quality and advanced new bonus features in the Ghostbusters Blu-ray Disc, releasing worldwide the week of June 16, 2009. The simultaneous launch of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the highly anticipated videogame from Atari, celebrates the film’s 25th anniversary, with an all-new adventure from by the film’s original writers.”

Atari said nothing about the leak, but I’m sure we’ll get an official statement pretty soon – most likely stating which consoles will get the game first. But until then make sure you find out the answer to a simple question: Who you gonna call?