monkeyy-island-proposalI think it’s just us, computer game nerds, who can fully appreciate such a gesture like Kristian’s who modified the dialog of Monkey Island 2 to propose to his wife. And what a great and funny job he did!

The story goes, in Kristian’s words: “I knew the second I took her out to the nicest restaurant in town, that she’d immediately begin to suspect me. At first, this was frustrating because I wanted the proposal to be surprising and romantic. Eventually, though, I settled on a good compromise between the two. I would give her a very romantic evening, but I’d toy with her expectations by failing to actually deliver the question.

The plan worked well. All through dinner she waited for it and was disappointed. Then, through desert she anticipated and was unrewarded. Later, when we got home, I built a nice romantic fire on the backyard patio and we sat out there for a little while, just talking.

Every so often, I told her that I had a surprise for her. I’d make a big gesture of digging in my pockets so that she’d be expecting a ring box to emerge, but I only produced little gifts like some of her favorite candy or a romantic card. Eventually, I declared that I was all out of presents, and that we’d just sit by the fire for a while and cuddle.”

Eventually, he said that it would be better to play some Monkey Island instead, completely “ruining” the mood. Instead, when the game started, the following appeared on the screen:

And, if you were still wondering – she said yes. Great going, Kristian!