metro2033One of the best games to be released this month and also one of the most promising on the year, Metro 2033 has been shipped to stores worldwide and if you’re a fan of horror FPS games, you should go grab it as soon as possible!

“Metro 2033 offers gamers an experience unlike any other,” said Richard Williams, Vice President, THQ Global Brand Management. “We’ve taken an extremely deep, engaging story, an incredible Russian twist on the post apocalyptic setting, and wrapped it up in some of the very best cinematic, first person action gameplay. The world of Metro 2033 is going to be talked about for years to come, just like other great gaming worlds that have gone before.”

Metro 2033’s unique atmosphere is made possible by the brand new technology powering it. The proprietary 4A Engine produces some of the most spectacular visuals and the game will benefit from a host of advanced features that ensure Metro 2033 sets a new standard in graphical fidelity.

If you’re still not sure if Metro 2033 is the game for you, check out the launch trailer below and enjoy!


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