After a couple of months with few major releases and a general boredom in the gaming world, March 2010 will deliver quite a few titles for all the gamers to enjoy. So read on to find out the best PC games to buy in March 2010 – or at least to seriously consider buying!

justcause2Just Cause 2

Avalanche Studios promise to deliver some great excitement with the sandbox adventure, with a dual grappling hook amongst the goodies we’ll receive. The game is expected to hit the game stores on March 23 and March 26 (US and Europe respectively) and you should be able to order Just Cause 2 from Amazon and never worry about visiting the stores by the end of March.

cnc4Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

The last episode in the Command & Conquer saga, the game promises to be a real feast for those who love real time strategy games. Even though some anti-piracy methods have been criticized (like having to be online at all times when playing), Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight remains a must play of 2010 if you are a RTS fanatic (or you had some wild dreams with Tanya, just for the sake of diversity and similar gameplay). Either way, go get the game from and enjoy playing it!

metro2033METRO 2033

Already on the list of the most anticipated games of the year, Metro 2033 will mix survival-horror gameplay with RPG elements and, of course, lots of first person shooter action. Add to that a post-apocalyptic setting and you’ll have enough reasons to go out there and grab yourself this game. No sooner than March 16, though, since that’s the date when THQ releases the title. As always, you can get it from Amazon and enjoy it on launch day.

ass-creed2Assassin’s Creed II

Some of you might’ve tried the game already on the console of your choice, but if you haven’t, then definitely go for the PC version: it will be cheaper and it will also look a lot better! Except for that, the game promises to deliver some intense action-adventure in Italy and it has already been rewarded with great reviews for the console versions. So try out the new adventures starring Ezio and enjoy them really soon: the game hits stores on March 9, so hurry to buy it from or PlayAsia

silenth5Silent Hunter V: Battle of the Atlantic

This is definitely not a game for everybody, but for the hardcore fans of the series it’s a must buy. That if they accept the annoying DRM measures from Ubisoft – similar to those of Command & Conquer – which require you to be online at all times. Except for these anti-piracy measures, Silent Hunter V promises to deliver the same high quality simulation as its predecessors, so if you enjoyed playing the previous games in the series, get this one too from Amazon.

bbc2Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The game is out already and you probably have purchased it by now, that’s why it comes so late on this list. However, if you haven’t purchased the title that promises to rise up to the quality challenge of Modern Warfare 2, you should definitely go out there and get it. For your money, you’ll get a really high quality FPS experience you won’t forget too soon. Available on Amazon and PlayAsia.

Which of these great titles to be released in March 2010 will you purchase?