“That’s what you get for cheating” – some might say after watching the video below in which a crazed girl seeks and find revenge by destroying her ex boyfriend’s Starcraft II Beta Invite. Ouch!

How did that happen? Well, it appears that the girl knew the guy’s e-mail password and she kept checking it until she found gold: the Starcraft II Beta Invite from Blizzard – she printed the email to prove that it really arrived, completely deleted it from the poor guy’s e-mail and, the cherry on top, even changed his e-mail password.

And the video below would’ve been quite fun, in the end (be warned that it contains a very aggressive language!) but if you search a bit more on the internet, you’ll find out that the Starcraft II Beta break-up was followed by a visit from the girl to her ex boyfriend’s house, where she broke his window with a brick which certainly proves that the girl needs a visit to a doctor. Either way, check out the viral video of the day: