If you are a fan of high quality strategy games, then Napoleon: Total War certainly is one of the titles you’re already trying to master. Fortunately, to keep the challenge up for a long time, the game’s developers have introduced quite a few achievements we can all earn while playing NTW. So if you’re curious to see which are the Napoleon: Total War Steam achievements and what should you do to gain them, read on!

A Different Slant – Play a MP naval battle with every faction.
Absolute Power – Win a MP Land Battle without losing any units.
Broad Military Outlook – Play a MP land battle with every faction.
Bronze Tower of Pisa – Win Italian Campaign in easy.
Celebrated Field-Commander – Win 10 land battles.
Daredevil – Win a match against someone with double your skill rating.
Defensive Strategy – Win a battle using only Light Infantry and Artillery.
Desert Veteran – Win a MP Egypt Campaign as France.
Diplomat’s Pin – Make all major nations like you (very friendly).
Distinguished Service Medal – Win a match against a player with double your skill rating.
Expecting Calm Seas – Win a match having spent half as many funds as your opponent.
Felix Austria face bellum! – Win Europe Campaign as Austria.
First-rate Bully – Win a match with only first rates.
Gives to the Poor – Win campaign having given enemy player 50000 gold.
Golden Obelisk of the Pharaos – Win Egypt Campaign in hard.
Grand General Star – Win Silver in 5 Historic Battles.
Hardened Veteran’s Badge – Win 15 SP Campaign land battles.
Hero of Arcole Commemorative Medal – Win Italian Campaign in hard.
Historians’ College Acknowledgment Badge – Play a historical land battle.
Imperial Fencing Academy Master’s Needle – Win 10 sword duels.
Indomitable Force – Win 10 MP Land Battles in a row.
Italian Veteran – Win a MP Italian Campaign as France.
Jack Frost’s Chosen – Win Europe Campaign as Russia.
Just Desserts – Other player’s faction is last to die.
Making Headway – Win a MP naval battle.
Marksman Brooch – Win 10 pistol duels.
Nautic Star Emblem – Win ten SP Campaign naval battles.
No Shore Leave – Play 100 multiplayer naval battes.
Palace Guard Penchant – Play the game for 30 hours total.
Platinum Star of Glory – Win Gold in all Historic Battles.
Prolong the Inevitable – Possess 15 regions without taking one by other players.
Prussia’s Glory – Win Europe Campaign as Prussia.
Quadriga in Prussian Silver – Win Europe Campaign in medium within historic time.
Rack and Ruin – Sink 1000 Ships.
Restaurator – Win a MP Italian Campaign as Austria.
Revolutionary Cocarde – Start any campaign, battle or historical battle.
Rule Britannia – Win Europe Campaign as England.
Russian Doll on Green Ribbon – Win Europe Campaign in easy.
Seasoned Captain – Win 10 decisive victories.
Shield of the Protector – Have 10 protectorates at one time.
Swashbuckler – Board 5 ships in a single battle.
Take Up Office – Play a MP Campaign.
The Blitz – Take other player’s capital within 20 turns.
The Bronze Armchair of Comfort – Win any Campaign by autresolving only.
The Bronze Date – Win Egypt Campaign in easy.
The Emblem of the Enlightened Society – Win a prestige victory.
The Explorers’ Society Badge – Cover 50,000 sea or land miles with your armies and fleets.
The Eye of the Ever Watchful General – Play the game for 50 hours total.
The Hand-and-Dagger on Black Chain – Assassinate 15 people.
The Hero’s Skull Badge – 100000 soldiers die in battles with you, friend and foe.
The Imperial Crown on Brocade Band – Win Europe Campaign in hard.
The Imperial Laurels – Win European MP Campaign as France.
The Imperial School of Strategy Crest – Have three generals with full skill level in one campaign.
The Imperial Wreath – Conquer all of Europe.
The Lion and Sabers Medal – Win any campaign without a single autoresolve.
The Lion and the Mouse – Win a match without any ships of the line.
The Man of the Bosporus is still healthy – Win Egypt Campaign as Ottomans.
The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath – Declare war on all nations the first turn, never make peace, and win the game.
The Merchant’s Navy Medal of Gratitude – Gain 8000 per turn in trade revenue.
The People’s Crown – Have a 100% approval rating.
The Quick and the Deadly – Win a match without any infantry.
The Ribbon of the Promising Strategist – Capture 10 regions.
The Seal of the Grand Coalition – Have 6 allies simultaneously.
The Silver Dromedairy Legionaire – Win Egypt Campaign in medium within historic time.
The Silver Olive Chaplet – Win Italian Campaign in medium within historic time.
The Tireless Watchman Brooch – Play the game for 10 hours total.
Unquestionable Loyalty – Win 50mp land battles.
Wind On Your Back – Win 6 MP Naval Battles in a row.