Following in the footsteps of Ubisoft’s studio expansion in 2009, Torn Banner Studios, the independent masterminds behind Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, are setting up a warcamp in Toronto in the spring and are seeking a talented visual artists to join the war effort.

They have issued out a call to arms for Character Artitst/Designers of the elite orders to rally under Torn Banner‘s… torn banner [ba-dum-tshhh] and vow loyalty to the cause: to work on currently unannounced content.
Applicants should note that expertise in the human anatomy is desired by the studio, which is a good sign when a bunch of developers for a game where you dismember and destroy the faces of your foes are seeking high quality character art to obliterate.

Though it wasn’t clear whether the additions this future position will be working on are Chivalry-related or going towards an unannounced future title, this little news slice definitely has this author excited for the coming months.


-An exceptional portfolio of work that exemplifies the creation of high quality game res characters
-3+ years of professional character art experience
-Excellent understanding of anatomy
-Expert knowledge of game character art processes, from sculpting to retopo, baking, uvs, texturing, etc.
-Excellent communication, time-management, and organizational skills.
-Able to provide critiques and direction to remote contract character artists
-Ability to work efficiently with minimal direction

-Strong rigging skills
-Expert knowledge of the Unreal Engine
-Concept art skills
-Traditional art background

Please send all applications and portfolios to:


Torn Banner is also looking for programmers, environment artists, and user interface artists.
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