Rhythm Destruction is not the first game to mix rhythm mechanics with shmup gameplay, but it certainly looks like one of the craziest, most intense titles to do it – and it does it with style. Created by Curious Panda Games, the game has 10 stages in progressive difficulty, featuring many boss fights, obstacles and hazardous projectiles.

With a cost of just 5 bucks, Rhythm Destruction comes with leaderboards support, over 80 achievements and a soundtrack that… sounds really good, so it really looks like a must have for everybody who’s up for a new challenge. A really difficult one, as you can see from the gameplay trailer below:

Rhythm Destruction is also up on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to give them a vote if you like what you see. Also, make sure to check back soon as we’ll have a review of the game up by the end of this week!