I must admit it – I totally suck when it comes to dancing, be it in real life or even virtually in a rhythm game like Chuck Chuck HD that, despite the rather strange (not to say stupid) name is actually a very solid and great looking title that just made its way to the App Store.

Here’s how the story goes in Chuck Chuck HD: “In pursuit of the beautiful princess on the picture, CHUCK came to a tropical island, where the residents are very passionate. They love singing and dancing very much. In order to meet the princess, CHUCK has to dance with a variety of different roles to pass the levels and then he can see the beautiful princess. However, there is a terrible scam hiding behind the island …”

Of course, it’s up for you to find out the scam hidden “behind the island” (even the translation is delightful!) and to make your way through the stages by moving your legs and performing dancing moves like a super star.

The graphics are really great, you will probably love the beats too and the Southeast Asian inspired scenery and overall, you will certainly love to play Chuck Chuck HD on your iPad. It is, actually, easier than dancing in real life. So click the button below to access the App Store and try this game out!

Chuck Chuck HD - lianxing Zhu