I guess that the title of this App Store game itself is enough to make you laugh: Harry the Fairy tells everything you’d like to know about this game from the title one: it’s unique, it’s humorous and it totally deserves the low price of 99 cents you have to pay for it. Totally recommended!

Harry the Fairy is on a mission to save his fellow fairy friends, while exploring some dark and really strange dungeons filled with dangers. You’re packed in a bubble which apparently is the only form of protection you can get in the caverns and you will have to complete 28 cool levels in order to save all the fairies and eventually save the day. Underground, Caves, Lava Pits and the extra tough Inferno are the areas that you will visit during your adventure and I am sure you’ll love them all.

Basically, Harry the Fairy is a pretty low paced but still extraordinary adventure puzzler where you will have to dodge obstacles by tilting your iPhone, solve puzzles and explore beautifully created worlds. Really a game to remember and a game to love from start to the end.

You can find out more about Harry the Fairy for iPhone or iPad by clicking the link and if you decide to get the game and play it, don’t forget to come back and tell us what you thought about it!