HipSoft announced today the release of Trivia Machine HD for all generation of iPads. This general knowledge quiz game presents nine categories and more than a thousand different challenges. The game presents a friendly interface and a great usability for touch screens as HipSoft stated:

Trivia Machine HD features questions ranging from easy to expert in every round, making it the perfect game for trivia players of all levels—from newbies to know-it-alls! (…) The game is perfectly suited for touch screen play and provides hours of addicting fun.

Check the trailer here:

Players can select the level and category of each challenge. Each correct answer stacks points and allows players to climb up in the ranking ladders. In order to earn extra points, there’s the opportunity to proceed into additional “60-second Lightening Rounds”. Special awards and achievements can be unlock depending on players’ scores. The available categories are: Television, Movies, Sports, History, Arts &Literature, Science, Music, Technology and Geography.