A very fun Plants vs Zombies clone has been released to the App Store today, Ants Vs. Zombies – Superhero Defense. The game is available on iPad and iPhones and will certainly make you happy: it’s superhero ants we’re talking about in the end! So click here to find out more about the game or read on!

Ants Vs. Zombies – Superhero Defense is set in the land of Insectasia, where you must defend all the anthills from the invading Zombees (bee zombies, now that’s something new!). The game comes with 12 different types of Superhero Ants, each with different stats and powers, 12 skills that you can use and upgrade, more than 20 enemy zombie bees types and more than 30 stages to complete. All for the low price of 99 cents, which makes this game quite a catch!

The visuals and overall presentation of the game will also make you remember Plants vs Zombies, so if you liked that game, I am sure that you’ll love this one too. So why not head over to the App Store and find out more about Ants Vs. Zombies – Superhero Defense right now?