Zynga is trying to celebrate every possible holiday out there and, apart from the Valentines Day, they’re also celebrating the Mardi Gras and the Chinese Lunar New Year. And in order to make the celebration complete, they have released a ton of new decorative items to help us celebrate as well. So check out the details below, as well as images with the new decorations (click to enlarge them).

Fortunately, most of the Lunar New Year and Mardi Gras items are purchasable for regular coins:

Beckoning Cat for 2,010 coins
Tiger Statue for 5,600 coins
Dragon Arch for 5,200 coins
Warrior I and II for 2,000 coins each
FarmVille float (again!) for 20,000
Carnival Mask I and II for 2,200 coins each.

There are also a few new decorations you can purchase for FarmVille cash:

Horse and Carriage for 16 FV cash
Bonsai Tree for 3 FV cash
Firecrackers for 2 FV cash
Mighty fireworks for 2 FV cash
Carnival Float for 12 FV cash.



Above you can see, as promised, the images of the new items. You should decide which to purchase pretty quick since the Lunar New Year decorations are only available for 12 days, while the Mardi Gras ones for 7 days. All in all, the FarmVille marketplace is an incredibly busy one these days…